TemplateIDE is an online IDE for editing TextFSM and Jinja2 templates.  Additionally, a library of prebuilt templates that fit specific use-cases to speed up the time-to-value of using TemplateIDE.  With TemplateIDE, anyone can start using the full power of templates without needing to learn how to write code.

The same building blocks that make TemplateIDE possible are available as a RESTful API.  With the Template API you can programmatically search for specific templates and access the compiling functionality.  This enables creating scripts that automate data extraction and insertion in relation to typical NetOps workflows.

TemplateIDE Features:

  • IDE
    A template editor for compiling data and templates.
  • Library
    A collection of prebuilt templates that serve specific use-cases.
  • API
    A RESTful API to power building automations with the same engine that makes Template IDE and its Library possible.