These are properties that should no longer be used. Although they are supported in the code base, it is not a best practice to use them. Knowing about them is helpful since some adapters may still use them instead of the .system entity. These properties were replaced with the .system entity for authentication and healthcheck. The .system entity allows for more expanded capabilities in the token and healthcheck calls.


  • token_user_field (string)
    • Identifies the user credential when requesting a token.
  • token_password_field (string)
    • Identifies the password credential when requesting a token.
  • token_result_field (string)
    • Will contain the token when requesting a token.
  • token_URI_path (string)
    • Used during authentication to retrieve a dynamic token.


  • protocol (string)
    • Defines the protocol (i.e., REST) used to communicate with the other system.
  • URI_Path (string)
    • The call path the healthcheck should make.